Iron (Wo)Man Competition

It has been a long day of travel, you have arrived in your hotel room, have thrown everything onto the couch or the bed and are tired, hungry, and slightly stinky.  You think the stinkiness is only slight.  It’s a good thing you’re by yourself.  You need to iron your clothes.  Not to say you need to iron them immediately, but definitely before you go to sleep that first night.


Quick note: Depending on what time of the day I arrived at my hotel, I usually did this as soon as I got back from dinner.  I grabbed my shirts out of my roller bag (or just the one, if I was doing some daily hotel-switching, to accelerate reaching award status), set up the horrible cheap ironing board and went at it like there was no assistant to do it for me.


It usually doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to get 4 shirts ironed, but you will be so happy each morning when you can just grab a shirt out of the closet and not have to rush around.


You might think you should just do it in the morning, but then you get that phone call in the morning, your inbox sucks you in and 6 emails and 30 minutes later you’re yelling expletives and rushing around.  Suddenly the morning routine has morphed into a distraught, panicky shuffle, the shirt or blouse is crumpled, the socks are mismatched and you forget to floss your teeth before careening down the corridor.


It might not be quite that traumatic and awful, but … close, really annoyingly close.  Taking care of the week’s ironing that first night will speed up the actual ironing process and you then have one major pain less to worry about in the morning.


Plus, you can make it more enjoyable by thinking of yourself as Iron(Wo)man and fantasizing about what you would do, if you had access to Tony Stark’s wealth and cool toys.  Are any of your coworkers staying at your or other hotels?  Assuming they’re in the same time zone, you can iron up together via video conference or Skype!


On second thought – don’t do that.  Just get the ironing done.  Seriously.




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