The Weekend

The weekend is a funny thing.  After traveling all week, spending days and nights away from home, eating restaurant and/or fast-food day in, day out, sleeping in a big bed that is not your own, by yourself – how do you feel about the weekend?


Perhaps you just want to veg out, not go anywhere, sit around in your pyjamas all day.  Or you want to meditate about jet lag and the way it seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve any kind of airline premier status.

That is your version of the truth.


Are you attached? Unless your spouse or partner travels as well, his or her version of the truth will look different.  You get to fly around, drive all sorts of new rental cars, eat at all sorts of fancy restaurants (on the company dime!), sleep in hotels, have room service clean up your room and most importantly are free of the household chores (shopping for food, cleaning, vacuuming, putting dishes away, putting dishes in the dishwasher, taking care of kids and/or pets, doing laundry, dealing with mail, taking care of the yard, taking out the trash)….


Same travel – different view / interpretation.  Which one is correct though?




Your spouse or partner will want you to participate in household chores over the weekend, since you were out gallivanting and/or enjoying yourself.  Who are you to prove anybody wrong at this point?


Be prepared, set time aside and plan ahead.  Enjoy yourself/yourselves.  The weekend is not there to waste away and veg out over the food network or HGTV.


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.29.58 PM

Coming this Friday: Toiletries!


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