That 3-2-1 TSA rule can be a real drag, especially when you fly a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have that 3-ounce liquid restriction and have a full-sized shaving foam bottle (replace with any other full-sized bottle of liquid of your liking – shampoo, conditioner, sun block, body lotion, etc).

If you know you will be returning to the same location the following week or weeks, do yourself a favor and don’t pack that 3-ounce ziploc bag. Instead find a convenience store in your destination town and buy all the toiletries you need. Then you have a few options:

  • If you have a desk or locker at work, you can leave your toiletries there at the end of your work week. Assuming you go to the office first the following week and then check into your hotel that afternoon or evening, you can pick up your toiletries from your desk drawer.
  • Alternatively, check with your hotel, to see if you can leave your toiletries with the hotel on your check-out day, and pick them up the next time you check in.
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Next Tuesday: Bath slippers / flip-flops


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