Bath slippers / flip-flops

Two words: Athlete’s Foot (AF). Other words or phrases AF might conjure up: “Yuk”, “Itchy”, “Burrrn”, “Annoying”, “Gross”, “Ewwwwww”, “I hate my life”, “I. Can’t. Stop. Rubbing. My. Toes. Through. My. Socks”, “Luck! Luck! Luck!!!” (or some other word that sounds similar). It’s not as fun as it sounds – at all.

Bathrooms are supposed to get cleaned every day, but usually hotels have too many rooms, too few staff, and hence not enough dedicated scrub power or time. If you are lucky enough to be in a hotel that offers complimentary slippers, then that is great and solves potential issues of itchy foot syndrome.

That said, those hotel slippers only help you outside of the shower, in the shower/bath tub your toes are still fully exposed to those fungal gremlins.

The easy way to avoid itchy toes and feet is to bring your own shower slippers / flip-flops. Pack them in a plastic bag, so when you are done and checking out of the room, you can put them back in your luggage. Make sure to pat them dry with towels, to avoid unnecessary wetness creating a damper on your other packed belongings.

Do you stay at the same hotel week in week out? Consider leaving the slippers with the concierge / front desk staff when checking out, and pick them up the following week when checking back in again.

If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced Athlete’s Foot and want to find out more (or you just want another reminder), here’s an informative write-up by the Mayo Clinic.


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