You might be stuck somewhere for the weekend and don’t know what to do.  A good way of exploring your host city and finding something to do for the weekend is to browse

Meetup is not a singles club!

Meetup groups help people:
  • Find others with shared interests
  • Get involved locally (truly locally or locally away from home – awaycally?)
  • Learn, teach, and share things
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Rise up, stand up, unite, and make a difference

This is useful for travelers.  You might have a hobby or interest back home that you want to continue to pursue while on the road, even during the week – international travel, hiking, reading and reviewing books, cooking, etc.

Finding and subscribing to one or more ‘local’ Meetup groups will help you explore your host city and increase the life portion of that much sought-after work-life balance.

Even if the work-life balance thing seems too theoretical to be true, it helps to be part of a Meetup group, have an event at least penciled into your calendar.  At best you have an excuse to leave the hotel room or get away from yet another late meeting.  Work will await you as you get back, but at least you’ll have had a constructive break good for the mind, good for the soul.

I joined a local “Shut up and write!” group.  Every Thursday night a group of 8 of us met at a Starbucks, did 15 minutes of chit-chat and then the moment came: The organizer told us to shut up.  From then on we had 60 minutes of focused quiet time, to do some writing.  There was no pressure to discuss our writing, and 15 minutes of pre-chit isn’t that bad even if you’re a little socially awkward or shy.  After the hour is up, we chatted a little longer or took off.

The point is, it is a refreshing break.  I did have to make constructive use of the hour though – no emailing, no work stuff, just focused personal time.  If I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party, that was fine.  I did something via this Meetup for which I’d usually not have uninterrupted time…. or wouldn’t make time.

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