Scanning receipts/documents couldn’t be easier: Evernote & Scannable

So why this post?  Why should you care about scanning receipts or documents?  Do you like shoe boxes full of old receipts, or even worse, having to dig through jacket pockets, laptop bags, and underneath the car seats, to find those elusive receipts?  Business receipts equal money back in the pocket.

Scanning receipts as you receive them saves time and hassle.  Picture this for a moment:  You’re done with your business meal, still sitting at the table, signed receipt in hand.  You could fold it neatly, put it in your wallet or purse and deal with it at the end of the week.  Or.. you could use your iPhone which hasn’t left your side, take a picture and with a few taps be done with it.  You could then crumple up the paper receipt and yell “Begone, foul miscreation!”


  1. EverNote account
  2. EverNote app on iPhone
  3. Scannable app on iPhone

If you haven’t heard of Evernote, I highly recommend this free program/app for tracking notes, shopping lists, to do lists, recipes, web pages, etc. It’s easy to enter information and say you paste in a PowerPoint slide, EverNote will actually full-text index the words. I might do a post just on Evernote – let me know by leaving a reply if you’re interested.

I already posted about expenses and how important it is to keep track of all those receipts. *Scannable* to the rescue. This (free) iPhone app by Evernote can take a picture of a receipt (or any document), brighten it up, make it crisp and store it….(drum roll)… in Evernote as a new note! The quality of these resulting scans can be better than actually scanning said receipts in a traditional scanner! Two words I never use, but Evernote combined with Scannable deserves them – *total awesomeness*.

Below is the high-level procedure I recommend for making use of aforementioned *total awesomeness*:

  1. In Evernote, create a new notebook called _SCANNABLE or _RECEIPTS (or whatever you wish to name it). I added the underscore (_), so that it would be listed at the top of my notebooks (underscores come before letters).
  2. Set up Scannable to use the Evernote notebook above.
  3. Scan.
  4. Enjoy *total awesomeness*.

Let’s get into it:  Open the Scannable app and tap Settings.

Open the Scannable app and tap on Settings.

Tap File Type, select Auto, then tap the Back ( < ) icon.


Tap on Evernote, then in the Notebook section tap >, select your notebook to use, then tap < to return to the previous screen.  This concludes the one-time / administration set-up.


That’s it for the one-time / administrative set-up.

Now we’ll deal with the actual fun. Get close up to your receipt and Scannable will pick it up.  Unless you have multiple pages to scan into the same file, you are done and you tap the image of the receipt.


Tap the “Receipt” name, then type in what you want to save this as in Evernote.  Then tap Done.


Tap the upload button (bottom of screen) and see the confirmation that your receipt was scanned into the appropriate Evernote notebook.  If you have more scanning to do, you could hit DONE.  For now, tap VIEW IN EVERNOTE.


In Evernote you will see the newly create note. Tap the note to see the original receipt. *Total awesomeness*



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