Begone foul noise!

It’s not just Bose that can do the trick, other brands such as Sennheimer or Sony can deliver the same peace of mind and piece of silence.  I’m talking about a good set of noise-cancellation headphones.  Even though a good set can cost you $300, it is so worth it, for frequent business travel or the occasional vacation travel.

Not only is it great for canceling out ambient noise (planes, babies, snoring neighbors), but it also makes music and movies so much more enjoyable, be it on your smartphone, tablet device, or laptop.


One time I stayed at a hotel at Piccadilly Circus in London, and construction was going on outside.  My noise-canceling headphones saved the day, or more accurately my night.

The only downside was, I woke up with headphone hair.
Also, if one day you are not feeling especially sociable (we can’t be happy, over-easy, sunny-side up every day), you can wear headphones to deter your neighbor’s socialization attempts at work.

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