I’ve considered myself a traveler for the majority of my life. My first official holiday was when I was 3 months old when my parents brought me along on vacation to the Canary Islands.  I can hardly recall that trip, but since then I’ve taken many trips for work and vacation. So far I have relocated 40 times across 4 countries. . .but then again who’s counting?

I was born in Germany to an English mother and an American father and find it difficult to fully pigeonhole myself into just one nationality.  I spoke English first, German 2nd and dabbled in a handful of other languages such as Hebrew, Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Ancient Greek.

The world seems like a large place until you start traveling.  Then it seems even bigger.  As the travel urge grows, you start to cultivate a list of places you want to visit and experience.  This blog is dedicated to my business travels around the country and my vacation travel around the world.  Sprinkled in are some personal stories and many tips I’ve picked up over the years to make my travels more enjoyable, efficient, and in some cases help me save money.

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